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Class Schedule

I'm excited about the possibilities here in Gig Harbor.  I am looking forward to building a core group of members who share my enthusiasm for dance & fitness

Dance and Zumba® Fun!

Dancing stimulates the mind, body and soul and it is widely known to cause a tremendous amount of happiness. It is my absolute favorite form of inspiration and motivation to get my body up and moving each and every day. That is what we do in Zumba®, only we take top 40 and worldly rhythms combined with fun and effective worldly dance styles to bring you an exhilarating and balanced blend of cardio interval training that feels more like a dance party rather than an exercise program. However, don't be fooled by all the fun you will have in class, it still is exercise in it's best disguise and a total body workout!

Getting Started

This will be an excellent opportunity to experience a new style of dance cardio fitness.  Simply wear your comfy supportive shoes and be prepared to dance and have fun!  As I get established in Gig Harbor I will update these pages and notify everyone.   Zumba Love!

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